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ProKnife Sharpener, Effortlessly Sharpen Any Blade

ProKnife Sharpener, Effortlessly Sharpen Any Blade

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Are you tired of dull knives making your food prep a nightmare?

The Professional Knife Sharpener is here to save the day! With its versatile sharpening options, you can quickly and easily bring your knives back to life.

The professional grade that can be used by Mom, Dad, or a chef on many different kinds of blades and kitchen knives.

Get your and never pay again!

ProKnife Shaperner Features

 Super 3 Steps System Easy to Use

Simply pull the blades in each slot in one direction a few times in the 1, 2, and 3 slot sequence and presto, the difference is night and day. 3 Slots for 3 Simple Steps, watch this 👉

Stage 1 - Preparation (High grade Diamond rods)

This 'roughens' the knife edge to prepare the surface for sharpening. It also smoothes any nicks and imperfections that could cause the blade to 'catch' during the sharpening stage (a common problem with 1 and 2 stage pull through sharpening slots which can cause damage to blades)

Stage 2 - Sharpening (Hardened Tungsten Carbide Plates)

Now pull the blade through slot 2's precision angled tungsten carbide plates to create the perfect sharpened 'V' edge on even the bluntest knife.

Stage 3 - Hone (Ceramic Stone Rods)

For final edge honing. It removes any burs and gently polishes the blade edges for a super sharp polish.

 Great Control

Great control with either right or left hand with an ergonomically designed handle and anti-slip base, allowing you to comfortably and easily renew all your knives.

✅ Heavy duty to last forever.

Made of ABS durable kitchen-safe plastic & Stainless Steel, high-quality materials made to last.

🚚 Shipping Details

  • 4-8 Day Shipping (USPS First Class Package)
  • Package size : 3.9" x 3.9" x 3.9"
  • Ship only inside the US
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